Sockeye Hell-Diver Pale Ale

Sockeye Woolybugger Wheat

Six for Six in Reno!

Reno, Nevada annually hosts a beer competition open only to breweries who can their beers. Only beers that travel in shiny, easy-transporting vessels need apply. This is Nevada, after all—land of shiny.
But cans have a long and storied history with beer—just ask any beer can collector. But careful, allow plenty of time if you’re going to go and chat with a beer can collector. And cans have many advantages, which is why they are becoming so commonplace with handcrafted beers. But the debate in Reno at Canfest isn’t about the vessel, it’s about the important stuff: the beer inside. And the entry number is huge, and the competition for specific styles is stiff.
Sockeye placed their bets on just six entries, and below is what aced the competition.
Reno Canfest 2016 results:
Sockeye Brewing was awarded gold medals for Hell-Diver Pale Ale and Woolybugger Wheat, a silver medal for Maibock (spring seasonal), and bronze medals for Power House Porter, Lucky Peak Pilsner (summer seasonal) and the 20th Anniversary Sour IPA.
More on CANFEST: This unlimited tasting beer festival of beers poured exclusively from cans draws from breweries from all corners of the U.S. (and some from around the world). An attendee will typically find 100-120 different brews to sample. CANFEST is a BJCP certified competition that celebrates and showcases the vast amounts of canned beer from craft breweries.

Also in August, the annual Western Idaho Fair occurred in the very place we brew: Boise, Idaho. We brew in a city that has acres and acres of hops grown just outside our city limits. It’s no wonder handcrafted brewing here keeps growing, and the competition is healthy indeed. It’s not Reno Canfest competitive, but who doesn’t love a win at home, in the City of Trees, at a Fair with roots in the area’s agriculture?! Below are the Sockeye winners, entered in their respective categories.
Western Idaho Fair 2016 results:
1st Place: Lucky Peak Pilsner, Woolybugger Wheat
2nd Place: Galena Gold
3rd Place: Hell Diver Pale Ale, Dagger Falls IPA, and Power House Porter