Our Brew Crew is into Some Heavy Medal

Sockeye brewers were recently at the 21st Annual Mountain Brewers’ Beer Fest, where the North American Brewer’s Association competition was held. They arrived home a little heavier than when they left—bringing back six medals, leading all Idaho craft brewers. The six coveted medals represent the great efforts and passion our brewers put into every batch of beer, whether it’s one of our specialty, barrel-aged brews, or the consistent results we achieve when we brew our top-selling Dagger Falls IPA.
Our Brew Crew has over 70 years of experience between them, and our medal count now weighs in at 132! That is some heavy medal!
They love brewing great beer, and the mix of both science and art—not to mention dedicated, hard work. When we put our brews out there for judgment, and they get noticed and awarded—it’s the silver lining in the satisfaction of a job well done. And at the 2015 NABA, we were happy to find ourselves with some gold and bronze to go with the silver lining!
Prestigious beer competitions, double-blind taste-testing sessions, sanctioned judges, and specific style parameters: for any brewery, it’s no cake walk to be recognized. Sockeye first entered the NABA nearly 20 years ago, not long after our brewery was founded. We were happy to be one of the eight local breweries who participated and medaled. Even better, we didn’t mind the extra weight of a six medals total!
From all of us at Sockeye, please celebrate with us. When you enjoy that fresh taste from your favorite style of beer, or a style you’re trying for the first time, know that we’re always putting forth our best effort in every batch. We won’t lie—we love shiny medals, and we love leading the field of Idaho breweries competing, but first and foremost: we are committed to brewing the best beer Idaho has to offer. That comes first, ahead of competitions, and always ahead of high volume output. We’ll never sacrifice the highest quality of ingredients and our proven methods—always focused on the finest beer we can brew. So raise a glass: cheers to you, cheers to us—and cheers to Sockeye’s next 20 years!
GOLD, Barrel-Aged Beer: Gin Barrel Aged Dagger Falls IPA
GOLD, Barrel-Aged Strong Beer: Bourbon Barrel Aged Seven Devil’s Imperial Stout
SILVER, Helles Lager: Hells Canyon Helles (aka Lonesome Larry Lager)
SILVER, Schwarzbier (Black Beer): Selway Schwarz
SILVER, Sweet Stout: CoCo Peak Milk Stout
BRONZE, Traditional Bock: Maibock
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Complete list of winners