Fill Up With Your Favorite Sockeye Beers

Stop by your favorite brewery in Boise, ID and ask about our growler fills

Do you love our range of delicious craft brews but wish you could take them home with you? We’ve got great news—you can! If you’ve got a growler, Sockeye Brewing offers our full range of beers for growler fills. Now you can enjoy the great taste of locally brewed craft beer in the comfort of your home in the Boise, ID region.

Take home the beer you love

Sockeye Brewing has been brewing beer for 20 years. We’ve moved from a small storage facility where we perfected our custom brews to serving customers at two full-service restaurant and pub locations in Fairview and Cole, ID. We’re proud to grow with our local community.

Enjoy a variety of options from our Growler Fill menu:

64oz Fills:
$13.50 - $20.00 year round and seasonal beers
$35 barrel aged and specialty beers

$10 Fills of year round beers on Sundays

Sockeye Brew Club members receive $10 fills all the time!

Glass Growlers: $4.25

Stainless Steel DrinkTanks: $50

Get your first Fill for $5 (year round beers)

Stop by one of our locations today to find out more about our Growler Fills and other deals.